SmartMed Pharmacy Medication Management

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SmartMed Pharmacy Medication Management

SmartMed BV

Optimize the medication process around the patient in one Pharmacy Medication Management System.

SmartMed Pharmacy, the Pharmacy Medication management System (PMS) of SmartMed, is designed to provides the pharmacy (chain) all the professional tools needed. User friendliness, business efficiency and medication safety have top priority. Patient centricity, scalability and flexibility are included. Prescriptions are handled automatically, using several patient characteristics and a high-tech article selector. The PMS supports medication checks and monitoring by easily sorting type of alerts such as contraindications or interactions. Smarter supply chain management and optimized logistics handling are available. Handling prescriptions has never been easier, as the PMS is designed in collaboration with pharmacists. The involvement of board members of pharmacy organizations has led to clear business overview and business opportunities to run and grow their business in the future.

Anywhere, anytime
SmartMed Pharmacy is accessible anywhere, anytime. The pharmacist and or technician only requires a laptop or smartphone with a chrome browser. As the solution is hosted in Microsoft Azure, the connection is fast, safe and trusted through 2-factor authentication.

Adjustable task overview
The standard ‘to do-list’ has been divided in two task overviews: one for technicians and one for pharmacists. These overviews can be sorted on task differentiation, specialization, especially for cluster of pharmacies, regional cooperation and bigger organizations. Risk-based task filtering can be applied as well.

Automatic workflow
The workflow in the pharmacy is mostly automated: the state-of-the-art article selector automatically selects an article from the inventory to the prescription using artificial intelligence. Additionally, checks can be done automatically and handled in the same screen.

Flexible fulfilment
The patient’s information is all presented in one overview, which sets a clear division of medication status, such as “ready to pick up”, “not yet in stock” and “the history of the patient’s medication”, all in one screen. It includes a complete track and trace, allowing the pharmacist to know the specific location of the medication. Additionally, the distribution channel automatically selects where medication needs to be ordered when out of stock (e.g. central filling, smart filling, local filling).

Omnichannel pharmacy
SmartMed Pharmacy is extremely powerful in an omnichannel approach. Multiple pharmacy stores, including a patient app, service points, delivery points and central facilities (such as call centre, central finance, headquarter) can use this PMS with one clear patient overview. The solution is flexible due to its microservices, enabling scalability of multiple pharmacies, both inbound as well as outbound.

Customer and Business insight
SmartMed Pharmacy provides great customer and business insights, allowing the pharmacist to build a digital relationship with their patients, connecting to the SmartMed forYou application. Other functionalities such as reporting, analytics and AI support the pharmacists and/or organizations to gain a clear insight on their business. Healthcare organizations can improve and grow business regionally or cross-border within or outside (multiple) organizations.

The BI environment provides insight into both logistical processes, such as open prescription requests, stock positions or purchasing data, as well as optimizing treatment. In these segments healthcare companies can improve their added value to the supply chain and customers as well. The integrated patient app SmartMed forYou is "white label” available on the same application. Patients gain insight into their current medication and can access information at any moment regarding the use of their medicines. Functionalities such as medication reminders and easily ordering repeat medication are there to support safe and simple use of medication.

Application is available in Dutch and English.