SAMSimple from SoftwareONE is a managed service providing continuous visibility and control to optimize software licensing spend and mitigate against publisher audit risk. SAMsimple leverages SoftwareONE’s unparalleled in-house software licensing expertise and is powered by Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite.

Now, you will have an accurate view of your software assets to optimize your software investment and minimize audit risk.

SAMSimple will accelerate the maturity of your SAM Practice three to four times faster from Basic to Dynamic providing real-time alignment to changing business needs where SAM is viewed as a strategic initiative of the business.


  • Accelerate your SAM Practice providing immediate value for your chosen Publishers
  • Industry leading SAM solution from Flexera
  • Trusted expertise from SoftwareONE’s Delivery Team


SAMSimple starts with your business requirements. As a customer of SAMSimple, you have the option to choose 3-publishers from a list of 15-publishers that you want SoftwareONE to manage. Based on your choice of publishers, the SoftwareONE services team will implement the following three stage process:

  • Plan – Understand your business needs to accelerate your SAM practice
  • Build – Deploy and manage the Flexera FlexNet Manager Suite
  • Run – Continued advice and assistance to optimize your software investments

It is easy as 3+3+3. 3-publishers, 3-steps and your SAM practice is managed and dynamic for 3-years.

The SAMSimple managed service provides ongoing visibility and control of your software licensing spend and mitigates against publisher audit risk.

SAMSimple is designed to address the most common customer software asset management pain points such as:

  • Gathering Accurate Inventory – Collating accurate deployment data across diverse hardware, operating systems and virtual Environments
  • Contract / License Complexity - Software license agreements have complex terms and conditions, varying by publisher and products. It is difficult to fully understand and leverage these use rights
  • Understanding Entitlement - Contracts and entitlements are often not well managed across distributed organisations. M&A activity, divestitures exasperate this problem
  • Audit - Publisher audit activities and the impact on time and resources
  • Resourcing - Lack of skilled resources in the marketplace for an internal SAM program
  • Cost Optimization - Purchased vs. Installed reconciliation to match inventory and usage against purchase orders and contracts