Strata - Maverics Identity Orchestrator™

Strata Identity

Strata - Maverics Identity Orchestrator™

Strata Identity

Enable secure hybrid access for Azure AD.

Maverics Identity Orchestrator™

No-code Zero Trust Identity Orchestration for simplified Azure AD integrations.

Maverics Identity Orchestration from Strata is a simple-to-implement, no-code distributed identity management solution. Maverics enables businesses to adopt multi-cloud in a secure and agile way without any of the manual work that’s traditionally required. The Platform automates complex identity integrations by coordinating disparate identity systems to work as one via an abstracted Identity Fabric layer that coordinates policies and identities across multiple clouds. This software approach to identity and security modernization is the fast path to true Zero Trust architecture within distributed on-prem and cloud environments.

Key Identity Orchestration Use Cases

Simplify Zero Trust Azure AD Integrations

Strata’s software approach to identity via an Identity Fabric abstraction layer solves many of the common integration challenges of multi-system Zero Trust architecture, while utilizing Azure AD as the central identity authority.

Automate Migration of Legacy IdPs to Azure AD

The free Maverics Identity Discovery tool automates discovery, extraction, and analysis of legacy IdP environments in under 10 minutes. The Migration Gateway then enables you to easily lift and shift from legacy identity IdPs to Azure AD


Enable Secure Hybrid Access (SHA)

Strata’s App Gateway enforces access policies managed in Azure AD for on-prem and cloud-based apps with no app rewriting or custom code required.

Support Identity Coexistence and Phased Migration Strategies

Strata syncs identities and policies bidirectionally from Azure AD to legacy on-premises IdPs. Strata also enables phased migration of apps to the cloud and supports co-existence of modern and legacy identity systems.

Extend Kerberos/NTLM-based Apps to the Cloud

Strata offers the ability to connect Kerberos/NTLM-based applications into Azure AD without refactoring the applications themselves. 

Customer Value Story – The Kroger Company

The Kroger Company used Maverics Identity Orchestration to quickly migrate over 300 apps from SiteMinder to Azure AD, all without the need to rewrite any of those apps or causing any disruption to the expected user experience.

Kroger saved an estimated $30M in custom code costs and SiteMinder licenses and shifted the Azure AD modernization timeline from a 3-month manual migration to just one hour of time.  

“Without Strata, Kroger could have been spending hundreds of thousands of hours redeveloping applications.”

– Rob Lenhof, Cloud Information Security Manager, The Kroger Company