Teradici CAS Manager - automated installation

Teradici Corporation

Teradici CAS Manager - automated installation

Teradici Corporation

Teradici remote desktops and management for easy, menu-driven installation of virtual desktops

Teradici CAS Manager, a unified interface for IT administrators to secure, broker, provision and monitor CAS connections.

CAS Manager enables customers to install the connection management plane in their own on-premises or cloud environment or access it as a cloud-based service from Teradici (CAS Manager as a Service). In all deployment environments, CAS Manager interacts seamlessly with CAS Connectors to access and manage remote desktops, mobile and fixed workstations.

With Teradici CAS Manager, you can:

Automate and broker CAS deployments.

Enables fast and easy deployment of new remote desktops and workstations.

Tap securely into existing Active Directory services, eliminate manual configuration tasks and improve administrative efficiency.

Facilitate secure connections between domain users and remote desktops and workstations without users having to memorize machine names or IP addresses.

Provide users access to one or many remote desktops and workstations as desired, easily modifying, adding, or removing user access as needed Optimize costs and manage cloud consumption.

Actively control up-time service charges for public cloud remote desktops and workstations by turning off machines that are not in active use.

Start up the remote desktop or workstation when a user attempts to connect again.

Scale remote desktop and workstation resources up or down, effortlessly.

Provision remote desktops and workstations and remove them once no longer required.