WordPress Active Directory / LDAP Integration

Xecurify Inc

WordPress Active Directory / LDAP Integration

Xecurify Inc

WordPress AD Integration / LDAP Integration Plugin will allow Login using AD/LDAP Server Credential

miniOrange WordPress Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration Plugin allows you to login into a WordPress website using the credentials which are stored in your LDAP Server /Active Directory. The LDAP Authentication can be performed on various Active Directory / Implementations such as Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, JumpCloud, FreeIPA Directory, and many more. We provide a simple and secure method of LDAP authentication that is suitable for users with personal websites as well as enterprises with a significant number of users saved in their Active Directory.

Our Key Feature:

  1. Advanced Role Mapping : You can assign a default WordPress role to the LDAP/AD users based on the LDAP/AD groups. You can map different LDAP server’s groups to multiple WordPress roles.

  2. Advanced Attribute Mapping : Map your Active Directory/LDAP attributes to the WordPress user profile attributes and store them in your WordPress database. You can fetch any number of custom attributes from your LDAP Server / Active Directory.

  3. Multiple Search Bases : Authenticate users against multiple search bases from your Active Directory/LDAP Server. (Configure multiple containers in the directory to allow the users present in those containers to log in to WordPress.)

  4. Auto Register LDAP Users into WP : Allows users of Active Directory / other LDAP Directory to auto-register in WordPress Users on successful Login.

For ex : Once a user who is present in the LDAP Active Directory server logs into the WordPress website, the user's data which is stored in the LDAP server will automatically be fetched and a user profile will be generated with all the fields which are present in the LDAP server.

  1. Custom Search Filter With Group restrictions : Allow users only from specific LDAP security groups to authenticate themselves in WordPress site. By providing and denying access for certain groups to certain pages.

  2. LDAP AD to WP User Profile Update and Vice Versa : Import/Sync user(s) profile attributes from the Active directory / LDAP server to the WordPress database or vice-versa.

  3. Multiple LDAP Directories Configurations : Authenticate users in your WordPress site from multiple LDAP Servers or Active Directories.

  4. Search User By Multiple Username Attributes : Configure multiple username attributes by which LDAP queries against a directory system can be made to search for users ex : uid, cn, mail, sAMAccountName.

  5. Search Users from Multiple OU’s : Authenticate users using multiple LDAP attributes like uid, cn, mail, sAMAccountName according to your Active Directory / other LDAP Directory.

  6. TLS Connection : Secure connection to the directory with Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Check out our step by step setup guide to help you configure our plugin by clicking here.

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If you have any queries or if you need any sort of assistance in configuring our plugin, you can contact us at Our customer support team is available 24x7 to assist you in any way possible.