AI and ML - 6 Week Proof of Concept

abersoft inc

Serving business users and end users with intelligent and dynamic applications, based upon an actionable data strategy

AI refers to scenarios where a machine mimics the cognitive functions associate

Abersoft can provide a clear roadmap on future state of application by envisioning, analyzing, implementing and deploying models

Project Prototype will be determined by dedicated work shop with our team and we will provide the following deliverables in different phases

  1. Envision: Abersoft team will hold a discussion around problems areas and discover the requirements for data and machine learning Our Data Scientist will explain ML techniques, expected results and risks involved in the ML Process. In this phase assessment will be performed prior to the proof-of-concept to understand where you are now to provide a clear roadmap. Identify the availability and quality of data for the proof of concept

  2. Implement: Abersoft team will build the software using the best development practices and backed by Azure ML Infrastructure and Azure Cognitive Services In this phase we will prepare prepare data and build models

  3. Deploy Artificial Intelligence: Team will deploy the working prototype of Cognitive Services, ML Models on appropriate Azure Cloud Infrastructure Utilizing best CI\CD Pipelines and DevOps Practices

Prices and timelines may vary depending on the size and scope of the project