Contract & Spend Management Platform :1hr Briefing


Manage supplier relationships to save money, identify areas of risk and improve quality of service with a centralised Azure Data Platform

The number of contracts many organisations need to manage is striking, and there are real opportunities to make huge savings and improve the quality of service delivered by your suppliers. This responsibility not only falls on the commercial professionals, who negotiate contracts with suppliers, but on those who manage and improve those contracts, work with suppliers and support wider commercial activity. Powerful visualisation of key commercial data, from multiple sources, enable you to quickly and clearly see supplier spend, manage supplier relationships in a collaborative joined up way and be more proactive in identifying and acting on areas of opportunity and risk. Built on Azure, the Contract and Spend Management Data Platform is a central data visualisation and reporting system with self-service capabilities Adatis’ Contract and spend management solution enables the analysis of:

  • Analysis of spend and commitment. Understand the ongoing contract management activities

  • Identify the key expiry dates for plan for tender activity

  • Identify opportunities for smarter contracting (e.g. consolidated buying).

  • View of total spend and commitment with all suppliers.

  • Visibility of the strategic relationships that need managing and leverage buying power across the organisation.

  • Visibility between departments on key suppliers will enable sharing and collaboration.

  • Volume and type of procurement activity occurring across the organisation.

  • Users benefit from seeing the relationships and activity of other departments, the contracting route for similar products

  • Benchmark departments against one another

Bespoke Requirements
  • Dashboards to visualise information required to meet specific organisation needs