Security Scan Pack: 2-Days Assessment


Security Scan Pack reduces vulnerability gaps to prevent information breaches, identity theft, and fraud.

Cybercrime will cost $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Organizations need to be prepared to prevent cyberattacks and must have a proactive approach to security in general. More often than not, business demands do not allow the IT organization to take care of much needed security analysis and remediation tasks. Not all companies have a specific area, expertise or budget for ensuring that the correct security strategy is in place.

Our tool allows organizations to identify top security threats without generating cost of ownership and, based on OWASP's Top Ten, Open Source components and Python development, presents you with a comprehensive vulnerability analysis Report of Results with references and recommendations for better protection which:

• Identifies types of vulnerabilities • Categorizes vulnerabilities found • Presents general recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities • Makes recommendations of Azure artifacts that can help mitigate the vulnerabilities found • And includes an Azure Cloud Compliance Report regarding various levels of compliance such as ISO, PCI, etc.

Designed by specialists certified by EC-Council, our solution scans your target site for security vulnerabilities seeking the following overall outcomes:

• Ensure business continuity in a secure and trustworthy manner • Decrease vulnerability vectors • Maintain compliance with international safety regulations • Obtain and maintain client trust through secure sites