Enterprise App Dev: 8-Week Proof of Concept


From ideation to implementation, we utilize Azure Application Innovation solutions with clients to rapidly deliver working software that delights their customers.

Solutions to specific business needs are not always provided by off-the-shelf software. But with custom-developed software built upon Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes Service, you will gain the flexibility you need to operate in today’s complex and challenging business environment.

We build enterprise applications that have the ability to adapt and expand based on the changing conditions of your IT environment. Whether your application is already in the cloud or you are managing it on-premises and want to migrate it to Azure, AgileThought has the experience to deliver a solution optimized for your specific infrastructure.

We have the technical expertise to support a wide range of technologies including Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure DevOps, and Azure App Service, and our teams will collaborate with you to design and test innovative new products using rapid prototyping. We use Lean UX practices to design optimized experiences for your customers, and we will ensure every facet of your application adheres to the latest security standards and best practices.

Note that the total time and cost are estimated and subject to change depending on the level of complexity and engagement size.