Azure Application Review : 10 Day Assessment


Application assessment to confirm Azure readiness and development, security practices

Code review, validation, or auditing is the analysis of an application’s source code to determine whether it meets development, security, and compliance standards. By going through the code of a software or application, we identify vulnerabilities to properly correct flaws, spot bugs and ensure that no good business practices are overridden. A code audit assesses each critical component and at the same time lowers the risk levels of your projects.

This package validates the quality and maintainability of an application. This is typically used to evaluate the work of a development team in various contexts, such as: • Migrating an application to Azure • Transferring the application development and maintenance to another team • Evaluating the technical debt, robustness and maintainability of an application • Evaluating the feasibility for medium scale roll-out and/or readiness for further development

What’s in scope? • Code review validating the application's maintenability, security and technical debt. • Validating the libraries used to determine if they are up to date, reputable or contain known vulnerabilities • Verifying the use of Azure services • Verify design patterns

Timeline • Day 1 - Kickoff and 2 hour workshop with your technical SME (Subject Matter Expert) to review the current stat of the application. • Day 2-6 - Analysis of source code and infrastructure by our technical team • Day 7-8 - Review of Azure infrastructure usage • Day 9 - Preparation of recommendation report • Day 10 - Submission of recommendations and assessment report

Deliverables • Report on technical assessment including source code analysis • Recommendations on migrating the solution to Azure or improving Azure infrastructure • Audit of the packages for vulnerabilities and dependencies • Presentation of recommendation remote or in-person