Managed Server Migration: 10-Wk Implementation

Applied Information Sciences

Realize the performance and feature gains of the commercial cloud by migrating your servers to Azure with AIS

This engagement delivers a Managed Migration for a low-risk "Lift & Shift" move of servers (Physical and Virtual) into an Azure “Landing Zone” as a fast path to operationalizing in the cloud. A successful migration requires thorough discovery, careful assessments, designs based on best practices and a solid implementation plan. With our AIS proven framework and expert approach, we deliver comprehensive methodologies to help smooth your transformation, whether you migrate a single application or a large portfolio to the cloud.

AIS will perform a migration of 50+ applications from your current environment to Azure. Using Azure Migrate or RiverMeadow, our team will perform a Server Inventory Assessment to determine the best migration plan to your Azure Landing Zone Environment. Our approach follows three phases:

Phase 1 – Discovery & Assessment (2 weeks)

Phase 2 – Intake & Planning (2 weeks)

Phase 3 – Execute (2-6 weeks)

By the end of this engagement, we will have migrated 50 or more applications.