DevOps Maturity & Velocity Assessment

Arctiq Inc.

Our DevOps EQ application and assessment plan, helps clients to identify human effort and practically resolve the inefficiencies of their software development life cycle - from a end-to-end viewpoint.

Arctiq’s mission is to continuously innovate and help our clients accelerate on their technology transformation journey by implementing novel, scalable, and robust solutions. Hence we developed DevOps EQ to help our clients adopt successful DevOps technological and business outcomes. DevOps EQ is a value add assessment tool to work with our partners such as Microsoft and enable our clients together to succeed and leverage Azure Cloud Native services to remove the technical and operational overhead, thus easing out the burden from the client teams.

Our practical methods for measuring the SDLC are focused on the developer experience and velocity. By using GitHub and its associated services we empower the developers, QA, and other profiles involved in SDLC to automate the process from feature intake to release of an application (Build, Deployment, Environments, Testing, Security, & Audit).

With DevOps EQ product, Arctiq offers an approach for clients to transform the delivery of IT services and assess the Software development lifecycle (SDLC). The tool allows us to measure human effort which equates to operational and capital expenses. Complementing the financial vertical, it also highlights the cultural and process portion of an organization which could be the cause for attrition and lack of talent in the clients ecosystem.

Our differentiator is an innovative approach and delivery mechanism. We believe that for delivery excellence, organizations should encompass the area of people, process, and experience, as opposed to technology alone. DevOps Maturity Assessment is aided by DevOps Equilibrium (DevOps EQ) and with the help of industry experts who have served formerly as CISO and other leadership positions, we can help you achieve the equilibrium in your organization with the sustainable adoption of DevOps.