Azure Migration: 4-Week Implementation

Artic Consulting

Artic Consulting will work with your team to ease your organization's migration to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform.

Decided to move to Azure?  Let Artic help you take advantage of all the Cloud has to offer by migrating your organization to Azure.

Migrating your websites, applications, and systems to high performance Cloud Solutions enhances every process in your organization. Azure offers huge benefits like backup storage, disaster recovery and redundancy, scalability, and high availability. We help organizations with their Azure Migration Strategy for a smooth transition to the Cloud, with less impact to your business.


  • Discussions with you and your team on the current architecture, database, performance, application features, and overall organizational goals in moving to the cloud
  • Create a migration plan and strategy based on your organizations current and future plan
  • Review of your organization’s current development and IT team for skillset with Azure and tool comfort.


  • Setup staging, production environments, domain, SSL, Database, appropriate azure resources needed for the application to be migrated
  • Setup and create backups depending on your organizations need
  • Migrate website, database and other required resources to Azure
  • Manage optimization and cost for the production website.
  • Verify Migration success

Outcomes & Deliverables:

  • Successfully migrated Infrastructure on Azure
  • Gap analysis and recommended training plan for your IT resources
  • Documentation on the overall migration strategy and recommendations for future enhancements and roadmap
  • Any scripts, credentials, best practices necessary for maintenance
  • Proactive next steps for your organization
  • Please note: The duration estimated is subject to receiving timely access to information, documentation, and access needed to perform this service.