Nonprofit Azure Migration: 2-Day Assessment

Artic Consulting

Artic will work with your organization on a comprehensive Azure Migration Assessment that will examine your nonprofit’s digital readiness and use of modern tools and processes.

Trying to decide if you’ll get value by moving your staff and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure? Artic will work with you on a comprehensive Digital Assessment which determines your organization’s digital readiness and use of modern tools and processes, and will also include recommendations on how to make use of free and discounted offers to reduce or eliminate costs.

The goal of this assessment is to obtain all the data you need to understand your organization’s path to a modern digital solutions framework on Azure optimized for your nonprofit.

Assessment Overview

  • Engage Donors and Volunteers
    • Help establish and track key KPIs
    • Modern data collection and visualization
    • Establish donor management system
    • Optimize website for mobile and accessibility
    • Volunteer tracking & management
  • Empower your Employees
    • Staff Productivity
    • Collaboration across the Microsoft cloud offerings
  • Optimize Operations
    • Technology and software strategy
    • Reduce licensing costs through nonprofit offers
    • Compliance and data protection
  • Innovate for Impact
    • Dynamic BI reporting
    • Knowledge management and information sharing solutions


  • Working sessions with our Nonprofit Solutions experts to review your current state, challenges, goals, and future plans
  • Thorough understanding of your architecture, applications, and environments.
  • Review of your organization’s staff readiness to modernize.

Outcomes and Deliverables

  • Comprehensive Azure Migration and Digital Assessment results
  • Modernization and process improvement options
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Proactive next steps for your organization