Defend against threats with SIEM plus XDR - Managed Security Operations Centre: Implementation


A fully managed cyber security service to defend against threats with SIEM and XDR, while securing identities and access.

To protect your business against an ever-growing digital threat, Centrality provide a Managed Security Operations Centre, for the provision of certified, expert resources to protect your best interests against digital risks in real-time, 24 x 7 x 365.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure, you will benefit from our service that will defend against threats with SIEM and XDR, alongside our services that will help by securing identities and access. We achieve this through the utilisation of the best-in-class defensive capabilities of the Microsoft Security stack – including Azure Sentinel for SIEM (Security Information Event Management) to detect and report live on threats and mitigating activities, along with Microsoft Defender for XDR (Extended Detection & Response) capability to contain and isolate cyber breaches that arise within endpoints on the network.

With years of experience in supporting multi-site, multi-national businesses that operate in complex and fast-paced environments, Centrality wholly appreciate the unique demands you have upon your IT and communications infrastructure, and as a forward-thinking modern business, the threats and challenges that you face digitally in protecting your operations and valuable data.

We understand that you are seeking to achieve a complete, robust and mature posture towards cyber security. One that best anticipates the threat landscape, and applies best practice policies and controls accordingly, while dynamically identifying, reacting and mitigating breach attempts as they occur in real-time.

Backed by the support of leaders within the cyber security industry, including dynamic threat intelligence direct from Microsoft, the Centrality SOC is kept ahead of changing trends and patterns within the digital space; insights that are directly applied as continual improvement and development of the security solution we propose to you today.

This has options to include SKUs such as: Microsoft Defender for Identity Microsoft Defender Endpoint Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 Microsoft Cloud App Security Microsoft Information Protection Microsoft Intune All SKUs within the Azure Sentinel offering.