Cloud Scale Analytics 4hr Readiness Workshop


Perform a high-level assessment of your data estate and recommend next steps for how to accelerate your journey to cloud scale analytics, aligned to your current data strategy goals and vision.

The Cloud-Scale Analytics Readiness Workshop is an accelerated version of our more in-depth data discovery process that allows us to assess your readiness for building out a data platform in Microsoft Azure. It is a remotely-hosted, interactive event broken as follows:

SESSION 1: UNDERSTANDING YOUR DATA We'll learn about your data sources, processes, transformations, and consumers to gain an understanding of your data types, schemas, volumes, growth, and frequencies. This information will provide the foundation to a data catalog.

SESSION 2: BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING Together, we'll break down key drivers behind what you are currently using your data for; what you would like to be doing with your data in the future; and review and discuss Key Performance Indicators, dashboards, reports, and data sets.

SESSION 3: THE CLOUD-SCALE ANALYICS PLATFORM We'll walkthrough the different components that will make up your cloud-scale analytics platform including Azure Data Landing Zones, Data Management Landing Zones, Purview, Databricks, Data Factory, and Azure Data Lake Storage. We also delve into architecture related topics relevant to building out your platform, including medallion and lake house architectures.

ASSESSMENT RESULTS, NEXT STEPS, AND ESTIMATE Within 48 hours of the workshop, we'll send you:

  • the results of our assessment
  • our recommendations for next steps in order to build the detailed blueprint and architecture of your data platform and the implementation, operations, and management plans you'll need in order to build the platform and start realizing true value from your data.
  • a cost estimate for those next steps should you decide that you'd like to continue working with us on this project.