AI-Assessment:4weeks assessment

CEREBRUM Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The target audience is any organization that is utilizing and is dependent on large amounts of data. The assessment will deliver a report on action plans, roadmap and the readiness score of a company.

The AI assessment provides you with the ability to own and operate AI within your organization as well as be aware of the characteristics of AI-based systems and technologies. The primary products that will be offered in this assessment will be Azure and Power BI services. The professional services that will be provided will be the Azure Data Services for AI cognitive skills, and Power Bi will be used as the reporting tool for the outcomes. These services will be provided based on the specific use cases the organization is looking to implement. By utilizing these services, the outcomes that the customers can expect from the AI assessment is a detailed report that showcases the readiness score of the maturity framework of an organization. Through this report, an organization will be provided with an action plan and road map on the procedures needed in order to own and operate with Artificial Intelligence. The agenda that this assessment will be following will be done on a weekly basis. The following table shows the agenda for each week.

        Agenda                             	        Description

Week 1 Internal Strategy Assessment Identifying the organization’s internal strategy in terms of, urgency, needs, goals, approach and culture of their workforce. Week 2 External Strategy Assessment Identifying the organization’s external strategy in terms of, competition, legislation, privacy and geography. Week 3 Internal Operations Assessment This part of the assessment will commence in two categories in order to assess the internal resource and management of an organization Week 4 External Operations Assessment To assess the external operations of the organization in terms of threats and value proposition to the business.