Cloud Adoption Framework (Strategy & Plan Phases) – 6-week Implementation

Chrisons Co. Ltd

Cloud Adoption Framework (Strategy & Plan Phases) – 6-week Implementation

Chrisons, the only Azure specialized partner in Cyprus, is committed to helping organizations achieve their cloud adoption goals using Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). In this 6-Weeks journey our Azure Experts will guide you to assess your environment along with your organization readiness (Strategy) and design your cloud migration (Plan) following Microsoft’s best practice.

This service covers the following phases along with their relevant activities:

Phase 1. Strategy: Start by understanding your unique business objectives to identify how Chrisons can apply CAF to support your organization. Our Azure team will assess your business, current landscapes, and workloads to prepare the best cost-effective cloud solution without compromising quality and security. With the Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator, we will assess your strategy posture across distinct areas of the Strategy methodology.

Phase 2. Plan: Start with gathering and aggregating all the required information across the organization. At the same time, consider what is the best approach to move or modernize these to the cloud, considering the 5 Rs of rationalization. At the end of this phase Chrisons architects will have a clear understanding of the scope and complexity of the migration project, and have a solid plan in place to successfully execute the migration to the cloud.