Cost Optimization: 2-Wk Assessment

Cloudgainz LLC

A "quick pass" on your Azure bill targeting several “big” or “quick" win opportunities to save on average 15% or more off monthly spend.

Cloudgainz specializes in monthly Azure spend in the $1,000,000’s to $10,000,000’s annual runrate range, with a history of quick pass identifying on average 15% in cost savings.

This is a quick abbreviated version of our full Cost Optimization as a Service managed service, while still packing a big bang for the buck. This quick pass targets optimization opportunities based on the Azure resources, services, and reservations in use. This service includes access to a dedicated Azure-certified Cloud Architect fluent in Azure architectural use-cases and their relationships to performance, resilience, security, operations, and COST.

Your cost feed will be pulled into our custom Power BI models, reviewed for anomalies and opportunities, with a detailed read-out provided at the conclusion. Our “quick pass” cost optimization assessment includes the following activities:

• Audience: identify stakeholders, which may include C-level, Management, Architects/Engineers, or others
• Framing conversations: identify specific areas of focus or concern, level set on financial language and goals
• Enable access to billing info and Azure environment

Assess & Analyze:
• Architecture, including architectural standards and diagrams if available
• As-deployed infrastructure
• Workload use-cases
• Services and resource types in use
• Reservation utilization

Review and Deliverables:
• Review 1 of 2:
o Directional findings
o Alignment
• Review 2 of 2:
o Final presentation of findings and recommendations

Deliverables include specific recommendations related to:
• Cost model optimizations
• Reservation optimizations
• Utilization optimizations
• Cost deduplications
• Unrealized capabilities, savings, economies of scale
• Adjustments to logging, diagnostics settings, metrics
• Knowledge sharing
• …and more