Intelligent Azure Operations Governance-1 Hr Brief


An hour-long briefing to provide an overview of Intelligent Azure Operations Governance using vast repertoire of Azure Virtual Skills available on Cognizant® Automation Center I&O

Cognizant offers this briefing on Intelligent Azure Operations Governance – a single interface solution with Machine Learning, Automation, Analytics, and Collaboration.


Intelligent Azure Operations Governance powered by Cognizant® Automation Center helps in:

Enhanced User Experience— Qualify event into situation by bringing more context to observability with Human collaboration and virtual assistance through Azure skills, Chat bots and action resolutions.

Agility and Faster time to Market— Focused on IT application buildouts with AI led intelligent engineering, auto-ticketing, pipelines, assurance and operations.

Higher Productivity— Focused on AI led integrated automation of run operations for both Azure environment and On-Premise

During this briefing, we will cover following topics:

  • Automation opportunities in Azure Operations Governance
  • What are the business challenges and key drivers
  • Cognizant® Automation Center Cloud Offering Use Cases – Monitoring, provisioning, patching, configuration, management, operation, security and show back
  • How Cognizant® Automation Center Cloud Offering improves end-user experience powered by Virtual agents & Chat bots.
  • How Cognizant® Automation Center Cloud Offering drives Productivity in operations through Intelligent automation

Post this briefing by senior Cognizant Cloud architect, the recipient will gain an overview of Intelligent Azure Operations Governance offering. This can then lead to further discussions to understand how to utilize this offering for your organization.