Azure Architecture 4-day Workshop

Conscia Nederland B.V.

Drive companies to plan their Microsoft Azure architecture strategy

Setting the best architecture baseline. Conscia’s 4-day Architecture creates your path to a landing zone

Is your organization struggling with deployment of an Azure infrastructure, or do you have plans to create your Azure infrastructure? The Conscia Azure Landing Zone architecture workshops help you to develop your fundament on Microsoft Azure. The deployment of Microsoft Azure requires proper planning and thought to avoid re-deployment when the infrastructure grows. Within these workshops, Conscia will guide you through the available topics to ensure that you implement your cloud environment in a future proof way. After the design of the landing zone, we will look with you to create the required tenants, subscriptions and all required resources to ensure that you can deploy your workloads worry free.

Within this 4-day architecture workshop, Conscia will take the organization on a journey accross the 4 topics to create a landing zone:

  • Governance
  • Identity & Access
  • Networking
  • Operate


  • Day1: Defining baseline around Governance topics. *Security & Compliance, Auditing, Monitoring, Cost Management, Reporting
  • Day2: Defining baseline around Networking. *Infrastructure, DNS, Segmentation, Security, Segregation
  • Day3: Defining baseline around Identity & Access. *Tenants, Federation, Self Service, Access, Zero-Trust
  • Day4: Defining baseline around Operating the environment. *Backup & Recovery, Orchestration, Monitoring & Alerting, Platform Health, Security

Many companies experience issues after their decision to adopt the public cloud in their infrastructure. Creating a landing zone is the start to a succesful journey towards the future of cloud.