Cloud Economics Health Check: 4 week assessment


Independent assessment of your current Cloud Cost Control practices with actionable insight for cost optimization and best practices for good governance.

The Crayon Azure Cloud Economics Health Check Service provides you with a one-time independent assessment of your current Azure Cloud Cost Control practices and gives you insight into concrete actions that could help realize Azure cost optimization potential. Based on best practices from successful projects with thousands of organizations, our Cloud Economics Health Check for Azure gives you a basis for solid governance to help ensure budget predictability, better ROI and direct savings.

The Crayon Azure Cloud Economics Health Check dives deep into Azure consumption data, usage trends and seeks out opportunities for optimization. Examples of areas evaluated in the Azure Cloud Economics Health Check include:

  • Current monthly Azure consumption and cost per resource, tag or subscription
  • Potential for the use of owned licenses in Azure (e.g. Azure Hybrid Use Benefits or Bring-Your-Own-License model)
  • Use of Test/Dev environments
  • Azure recommendations and unattached or unmanaged resources
  • Existing Azure governance and cost control practices.

Our deliverables include:

  • A set of BI reports based on your Azure commitment
  • Azure Spend overview
  • Azure Cost details
  • Azure Virtual machines overview
  • Governance overview

You also get a full study with in-depth analysis, which includes:

  • Azure Spend overview
  • Cost optimization details
  • Governance
  • Recommendations and a detailed list of actions

Price can vary depending on your environment and actual work time.