Host RemoteApps on Azure: 5-Day Implementation

Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited

Move existing on-premises Applications to Azure cloud as RemoteApps for centralized, anytime, anywhere, secure access, without the hassle of managing server hardware, backup, DR etc.

This 5-day Application as RemoteApps implementation is for technical and business leaders and is delivered as secure remote access.


  • On Azure Windows Cloud, create or use existing VPS.
  • Create VPN/ IP restriction in firewall to allow Access from Client secured premises/ internet connection only. (This may or may not be needed at the Org Unit level in group policy)
  • Install required applications like Quickbooks, Office, Sage, drake, Communicator etc.
  • Install/ setup Active Directory on individual VPS or Using Azure AD as a service. Create User(s) in Active Directory or Azure AD as a service to create/ apply group policies.
  • Using Group policies in Windows server, enable/ restrict access to desired applications on RDP for specific users per client company.
  • Enable Remote desktop with restricted Applications access only. Will be available to users as a URL to use in Internet Explorer/ MS Edge Browsers.


RemoteApps: Specify individual applications that are hosted/run on the virtual machine but appear as if they’re running on the user’s desktop like local applications. The apps have their own taskbar entry and can be resized and moved across monitors. Ideal for deploying and managing key applications in the secure, remote environment while allowing users to work from and customize their own desktops. Soure:

  • Provide ongoing support as case by case basis.


By the end of this 5-days implementation, the client would have migrated its existing on-premises Quickbooks, Office, Sage, drake, communicator etc. to Azure cloud and all its users will be connecting and working from a Azure cloud hosted centralized RemoteApp with no change in user experience.

This engagement is delivered remotely. Travel is optional (if required).