Modernization Legacy Application - 2 WK POC

Cyber Infrastructure Private Limited

##Consulting engagement to help you build a modernize solution of the existing legacy systems on Azure to drive your business.

CIS assists organizations who wish to take a strategic approach to modernization, moving from legacy systems to those which better support the needs of modern business users. Concerns like application dependencies, picking the correct deployment model and the cost implications of running in Azure can complicate decision making, whilst businesses also want to take advantage of benefits such as scalability, advanced analytics and AI capabilities when they move to the cloud.

Our Azure Platform Jump-start helps kick off modernization programs. After an initial planning workshop, CIS will work with you to identify a solution to move into the cloud, recommending the best modernization and migration approach and delivering a pilot without impacting existing applications. The outcomes of this project then feed into your business case for a broader cloud data strategy.


This assessment analyses your application and assesses the viability of Implementation. Before commencing the engagement, we will agree on the POC that you wish to implement and the scope of our analysis.

##This 2-week engagement will:

  • Identify Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) resources that are candidates for hosting App in Azure
  • Provide you with an assessment as to the viability/feasibility of Implementation to such services (based upon functional and non-functional requirements)
  • Provide you with an assessment of the level of refactoring that your application will require
  • Provide a high-level architectural overview of your application hosted with Azure PaaS services
  • Provide you with recommendations for next steps


Step 1: Discover and Plan Step 2: We build the POC of system, configure, test it and deploy it to the targeted environment Step 3: Training, knowledge transfer & handover

This engagement is delivered remotely. Travel is optional (if required).