Azure Migration Planning: 5 Day Implementation

Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

One week of remote or on-prem consulting to begin the planning of the migration of your systems to the Azure Infrastructure.

A member of the Denny Cherry & Associates Team will work with your IT and Business teams to begin the process of planning your Azure Migration.

Engagement outcomes will vary depending on the size and complexity of your environment. Smaller environments may be ready to move to Azure at the end of the week-long project; while larger environments will require additional time and effort before the migration plan can be completed.

By the end of the week-long process, the team should have the following items completed:

  • Top systems identified and cataloged in migration priority
  • Top systems’ High Availability and Disaster Recovery requirements documented
  • Backup requirements documented for the systems to be migrated
  • Estimate on the additional time needed for large migration planning
  • Migration processes for the systems to be migrated
  • Estimate on the downtime needed for systems to be migrated

Engagement can be delivered remotely for the stated costs, or at your site for the listed consulting costs plus the cost of travel. Travel costs are the only variable in pricing for services.

Due to variables such as the size and complexity of your environment more than one week of work may be needed at additional costs.