Six steps to AKS 5-Wk Implementation

Forefront Consulting Group

This is our AKS implementation offering based on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes and is specifically designed and optimized for medium to large corporations

Our AKS offerings are specifically designed and optimized for medium to large corporations with multiple monolithic legacy systems that often have limited time for internal R&D. They often have a need to optimize and/or solve long market lead-times and furthermore improve their perception as an attractive employer to attract tech-talent in a competitive environment.

Our Six steps to AKS is a leading Container Orchestration implementing service based on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes offering. It provides you with a platform that can increase the feature to production pace in for your applications. It will make your applications more flexible and easier to adapt to changing market requirements, and make it easier for you to attract tech-talent eager to work in a forward leaning platform. Forefronts “Six steps to AKS” offering is a proven path to realize these benefits with a structured method to implement AKS.

Forefront have extensive knowledge of Kubernetes solutions from multiple business assignments over the past years which has gained us a market leading position around Kubernetes technology and container orchestration. To drive this we have extremely talented tech-professionals with a deep knowledge of the technology, methods of how to implement it and most important; How to realize the business value of a this new technology to match the business overall market objectives.

Six steps to AKS -Implementation methodology

  • Introduction
  • Learn the benefits of cloud computing and how Azure services facilitate modernization of application workloads
  • Start up meeting
  • Understand the business needs and layout the scope of the engagement with a brief overview of the current state and where to aim
  • Application Assessment
  • Identify the application suitable for a POC
  • Deliver POC
  • Deliver agreed upon deliverables as a POC
  • Establish a full-scale container platform
  • Present a cloud architecture and design for the applications suitable for containerization