Azure DevOps:2-Wk Implementation


DevOps as a Services on Azure by G-Able will enable customers with DevOps Adoption as a service in order to promptly introduce their offerings of digital products and services to the market faster.

G-Able DevOps Services implements toolchain, process and customize pipeline for existing integration development process to public cloud as hybrid solution and Day2 operation support using Azure DevOps total suite.

Customer Benefits
Business Agility by creating opportunities for experiment, disruptive innovation and rapid feedback loop enables the reactions to the customer feedback and desires. 
• Faster time to market for application deployment and release application. 
• Automate pipeline of software deployment with Azure DevOps (CI/CD Tools and 

Entry Criteria
• All industries 
• Modernize Application 
• Container Application 
• Application Deployment Awareness 
• Company uses Cloud first strategy.

Implement plan for 2 weeks
G-Able shall be provide profession service for provision and 
configuration a part of Azure DevOps and Pipeline 
configuration for application deployment. 
• Provisioning Azure DevOps 
- Azure Board - Azure Repo 
- Azure Pipeline 
- Azure Container Registry 
• 1 Standard pipeline integrate with Azure DevOps tools 
(Code -> Build -> Deploy) for deploy to environment. 
- Development 
- SIT or UAT (if need) 
- Production 
• User Acceptance Test 
• Knowledge transfer by on-the-job training

• Workshop Overview DevOps 
• Provision and configure Azure DevOps Tools 
• 1 Pipeline Standard integration DevOps Tools 
• Configuration Document 
• Operation Document

Price Plan
G-Able Profession service ’s Price Start at 350,000 Baht 
(without Azure Subscription Price)