HCL RedHat OpenShift on Azure : 2-weeks Assessment

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL Managed Redhat Openshift on Azure assessment help companies easily deploy & modernize applications with cloud native Capabilities and leverage ElasticOps on Azure offer as a fully managed service.

HCL RedHat OpenShift on Azure - 2 weeks Assessment offers include detailed understanding of clients existing application landscape as well as articulating the future modernization needs and proposing the right application modernization approach on Azure Cloud using Redhat openshift.

HCL Redhat OpenShift on Azure:

  • Choice of IaaS providers and flexibility to deploy applications across Hyperscalers and on-premise infrastructure
  • Support for GPUs, Windows containers, OpenShift version of choice and customization
  • Template driven infrastructure provisioning
  • End to end application lifecycle management and 24*7 support
  • DR and Backup services baked in
  • Integrated DevOps tool chain, modernization frameworks & accelerators
  • Integration with 3rd party software and cloud providers services

Azure RedHat OpenShift (ARO) :

  • RedHat and Azure managed integrated support and joint SRE team
  • Easily connect to hundreds of Azure Services
  • Scale economically on demand
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift is included in your Microsoft Azure subscription, so you can get started seamlessly and immediately

Benefits of proposed Managed Solution by HCL for Application modernization on Azure are:

  1. Business agility and faster time to market with reduced development cycles.
  2. Foster innovation with leaders in Application modernization solutions
  3. Enable open standards and multi cloud interoperability
  4. Ease of integration and legacy modernization with Cloud Native Capabilities
  5. Flexible operating and support model with HCL ElasticOps on Azure Managed Services offering