Application Modernization on Azure- 1 Day Briefing

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL One day briefing helps client understand our Azure Application Modernization Solution propositions & Capabilities, Legacy Modernization, mainframe Migration, app Optimization, cloud Migration etc

1 Day Briefing will cover HCL’s Application Modernization Capabilities and Solution Approach aligned with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure and will cover:

•Understanding of the client application landscape with dependencies including underlying infrastructure.

•Treatment plans of the application components while migrating to Azure.

•Methodology explanation for Azure Cloud Readiness Index and Category Heatmap helping customers to understand the application complexity for cloud migration

• Discuss Migration approaches and Roadmap

HCL Solutions:

  1. Prizm - solution for generating insights on technical & functional fitment across applications, infrastructure, DB etc. Led by a CAF aligned capability assessment to help define the right-fit modernization and migration strategies.

  2. ADvantage Modernize - Modernization platform solution that accelerates application modernization by way of transforming code from legacy technology to modern languages and architectures.

  3. ADvantage Cloud - Suite of solutions created to aid in the migration of applications to Azure and using the Microsoft best practices aligned with CAF.

  4. ADvantage Migrate - Solutions help in the assessment and remediation of application code in various re-platforming scenarios of an application at the OS, DB, web server, and/or application server layer.

HCL Services

  1. Legacy Modernization - Offers a variety of modernization approaches fit for IT and long term business objectives, employing deep automation and machine learning solutions to drive transformation at scale.

  2. Application Portfolio Optimization - Discover and create portfolio insights across the IT landscape and business value chain to envision and govern application modernization solutions, roadmap, and strategies aligned with CAF.

  3. Cloud Migration - Roadmap for Azure cloud migration with detailed plan, effort estimation, applications monitoring, storage, provisioning and license management