Azure Managed Services

Idea 11 Pty Ltd

Whether for Azure or hybrid, our Azure Managed Services are provided by our TechOps division - a powerful technical capability for your business.

Running cloud operations seamlessly is part expertise, part culture, and part discipline. Executing well on what needs to be done, day after day, year after year. We know how important your cloud operations are to running your business. We're obsessed with quality, security, reliability and innovation. We know you are too.

That's why we've built our TechOps managed services around our Manage, Monitor, Support, Report methodology. Designed to give you consistency of service with ITIL standards, and also provide the framework to identify innovations and continually improve to ensure your tech stays leading edge.

We’ll help you operate your Microsoft Azure environment using our leading cloud specialists and top-notch tooling. We’ll proactively monitor and manage your compute, storage and network as well as your cloud-native services and custom developed solutions. We’ll ensure your environment is secured, patched, backed up, and right-sized every day, with cost optimisation services to maximise the efficiency of your cloud investment. Our goal is to ensure your business is online, secure, and performant - 24x7.

So, what sets us apart?

  • We're cloud specialists: Our expertise delivers results and our track record shows it across multiple industries.
  • Powerful processes, top-notch tooling: We've combined premium commercial and in-house developed IT ops software with our cloud operations processes to deliver outstanding results.
  • Day one capability: Idea 11's TechOps gives your business deep and expert cloud operations capability from day one.
  • Multiple plans and tailored add-ons: Core technical essentials, cloud-native operations, or enterprise-level business support – we’ve got a plan that works for you.
  • We've been doing quality managed services since 2011. We know what's required to deliver and innovate over the long term.

    Keep your business as usual running, secure and modern: that's how we measure our success.

    Note: Azure Managed Services pricing varies based on your requirements.