Data & AI Discovery 10 Days Assessment

Inetum-Realdolmen - Data & AI

Discover how you can turn your data into value making use BI and AI with Azure

Today, data is everywhere; petabytes of data are generated every second. Many organizations understand the value of collecting data to become competitive in the market and to bring in innovation and profitability into their products and services. However, gleaning insights from data is challenging, big data is not the challenge but good quality data is.

More than collecting data, your company will have to ensure that the data used in problem solving is relevant and properly manipulated to address the business question at hand. Data only becomes valuable when you use it to see the connections, make predictions or do automations.

In this Business Intelligence and Data Science are part of the solution but to do this industrialized you need a good foundation, aka the data platform. Would you like to uncover the opportunities that data brings with BI a AI to your company, or would you like to challenge your initial ideas with experts? Are you aware of how using Azure Data Platform services allow you to add intelligence to your applications and workflows?

We accompany you through the process, from ideation workshops to the development of a proof of concept (POC) and advise you a roadmap to build this foundation. Typically we will cover following topics:

• We discover the possibilities of BI & AI technology and inspire you with some reference cases.

• We investigate together how we can unlock your data to bring more value for your business by idea generation, reflection to how BI & AI is being used in your industry and making it tangible .

• We do an small assessment of your current data platform and we give an overview of the Azure platform, with focus on the data related components. We dive deeper on how a modern data platform should look like, what the required components are and what to pay attention for (ex. Azure Synapse, Data Factory, Data Lake, Purview, Databricks, PowerBI, MLflow, IOThub, Stream Analytics, …)

• Security and privacy is not a separate component. This that must be ingrained in the complete design of both the technical components and the processes (security & privacy by design)

• To move from raw data to an optimized decision-making process or leverage it to realize new services with AI, your organization needs to change as well. That's why we don't just focus on technology, we also look at the human aspect. Which we translate to our 3 P’s, next to the data Platform, Processes and People are needed to develop a data-driven culture. This is critical to the success of a data project.

The Discovery Workshop consists of following steps:

  1. Kickoff workshops (3 days): Day 1: Kickoff meeting Day 2: Interviews with all stakeholders to understand your business objectives. As we deeply believe that the approach should start with establishing a strong business understanding. Day 3: Inspiration & Ideation Workshop: we also inspire about the available BI, Data Science and AI services and ideate together how this can bring value to your business objectives
  2. Data Understanding Workshops (3 days): Day 4, 5, 6: Adding to the foundation of the business understanding phase, our Data & AI expert will focus to identify, collect and explore the datasets that can help you to accomplish your objectives.
  3. Design & advice Workshops (3 days): Day 7, 8, 9: After listing the initiatives that bring added value to, we look at the current situation and the "to be" situation, both in terms of technology (data Platform) and organization. Data governance (People and Process).
  4. Closing workshop (day 10): Day 10: We consolidate and present the information gathered into a roadmap that will guide the actual implementation