Analytics with Azure Synapse: 2wk Proof of Concept


Gain rapid insights, expand discovery, save time, and secure data.

Insight’s team of analytics specialists will guide you through a two week session to build and execute your vision of the future using Azure® Synapse — a cutting-edge data analytics platform. During this session, we’ll tap our broad pool of resources, yielding the following deliverables:

  • An review of your current data estate, outlining strengths and weaknesses
  • A backlog of features needed to modernize based on best practices and growing needs
  • A proof of value to socialize success and vision with your leadership
  • A modernization road map highlighting next steps and key action items

Our experts will help to ensure you reap all the benefits of a proven analytics solution with best-of-breed data orchestration, exploration and visualization tools from Microsoft Azure.

Agenda: Week 1 We’ll begin by exploring the power of data analytics and align its capabilities with your business opportunities. Together, we’ll shape one to three cases for Proof of Concept.

Week 2 During the session, we’ll roll up our sleeves and iteratively deliver on the cases envisioned on the first day of our session — and consistently refine our delivery and direction with your business, IT and leadership stakeholders. At the end, you’ll receive code and artifacts, as well as one to three demo-ready AI solutions deployed.

We’ll drive executive and technical readouts to facilitate PoC understanding and knowledge transfer. You’ll be equipped to demonstrate value to your business, IT and leadership stakeholders and identify next steps for your data analytics journey.