Islet Data Strategy: 4-Wk Assessment

ISLET Group Oy

Analytics assessment's goal is to create data strategy (or development plan on analytics domain), including current state analysis, data collection, analysis and action plan with concrete roadmap.

Work includes Data and Analytics Assessments and the goal is to create comprehensive data strategy (or development plan) for the customer organization. The assessment includes an analysis of the current state, a concrete description of the target state, a plan for reaching it, relevant technology component scenarios within Microsoft Azure, architectural descriptions and a realistic roadmap / design. Work includes point of view for technologies, data, governance models, processes, ways of working and organization.

Work is executed by using workshops/interviews, document/solution reviews and end deliverable is a document which is presented to customer stakeholders.

Benefits/deliverable: A clear, comprehensive and concrete plan as a basis for development work or as a plan as such.

Duration: Depends on the scope of the assignment and the size of the client organization. Typically 3-6 calendar weeks.