Azure Landing Zone: 2-Wk Design & Implementation

ITI Inc.

Through a 2-week engagement, we will work with customers to design and deploy a landing zone in Azure, based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework

Azure landing zones allow you to migrate, modernize and create applications across your company. But just like building a house, having a solid foundation for these environments is crucial. You need to start on the right foot by implementing security and governance baselines, as well as a logical structure that will help you to manage and understand your costs and simplify the management of your resources. To do so, it’s important to turn to a trusted partner who specializes in the Azure experience.

Working with you, we will help you build strong foundations based on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes and accelerate your cloud adoption to allow you to focus on your core business.

During this two-week engagement, we provide the following services:

First week (design and preparation): • Workshop (4hrs) to determine the customer's requirements • Investigate eligibility for Microsoft funding for professional services • Prepare and present high-level architecture and design documents

Second week (implementation): • Implementation kick-off with customer • Actual implementation of your Azure landing zone deployment based on the design • Knowledge transfer and hand-off • Production of as-built documentation

The implementation includes: • Implementation of a landing zone that is based on the design • Creation of the networking components: topology, subnets, Azure Firewall, Security groups, VPN and Bastion • Creation of identity service (Windows AD DS) • Creation and configuration of Azure Monitor and Log Analytics • Configuration of Azure Automation for Update Management, Change Tracking, Inventory • Configuration of of Governance (backups, policies, audit and naming convention) • Configuration of Microsoft Defender for Cloud • Knowledge transfer for the administrators (up to 4 hours) • Documentation (as built)

AD Connect must already by configured and replicating to your Azure Active Directory. Can be offered as an option.

For 30 years, ITI has combined the energy and innovation of a start-up with the experience of a firmly established company. With 450 employees who hold a total of 1,400 certifications, ITI provides high-level expertise to serve more than 2,000 clients. ITI’s Azure team is a leader in this practice, with thousands of hours of experience working on hundreds of architecture, implementation, migration and modernization projects. ITI’s methodical approach is based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, which enables organizations, both public and private, to plan and execute their migration at a sustainable pace and reap benefits from it in the early stages.