Azure for Data Analysis & BI in Healthcare: 6-Wk Assessment


Get the most out of Azure architecture and infrastructure for your data-centric Medical & Pharma solution with our consulting services

As a result of a six-week assessment, Itransition will provide you with a detailed examination of an Azure stack, equipping you with a roadmap and guidelines to optimize cloud resources usage and performance. Leveraging an in-depth understanding of healthcare specifics, our certified Azure specialists will examine your current infrastructure and identify bottlenecks, aiming to increase services efficiency and lower the costs of cloud computing.

Our Azure assessment will enhance your business with transparency into your Azure stack, ensuring that the Healthcare BI solution:

  1. Fulfills your business goals, having the potential for growth and scalability
  2. Follows best practices and meets industry-level development standards

How we achieve it

Week 1 – Information gathering

  1. Getting access to project artifacts (documentation, diagrams)
  2. Eliciting particular business needs and pain points from the customer
  3. Analyzing application requirements and operation practices

Weeks 2-5 – Analysis

  1. Forming an in-depth understanding of the infrastructure by studying the project artifacts
  2. Identifying weak spots, areas for improvement and optimization
  3. Documenting the findings

Week 6 – Wrap-up

  1. Presenting final documentation
  2. Discussing our findings with you

What you will get

As a result of our collaboration, Itransition team will present you with a comprehensive document, describing all the detected violations with our estimates on the priority and complexity of remediating the violations.

Why us

As a Microsoft partner, Itransition couples a fine-tuned skill set in the Azure stack with the accumulated expertise in the Healthcare domain, delivering at the intersection powerful data-driven BI solutions for Medical & Pharma. We have worked with Azure since its release, and during this time our team has completed hundreds of Azure-centric projects, ranging from infrastructure setup to multi-faceted on-demand implementations. Continuously accumulating and expanding knowledge within our Healthcare Centre of Excellence, we have a strong team of specialists who know the domain specifics inside out.