Validating User Research With Azure Monitor: 4-Week Implementation

iTrellis LLC

Build data-driven key process indicator (KPI) funnels from user research and put the Azure services in place to start analysis and tracking of your application.

Build data-driven key process indicator (KPI) funnels from user research. In this offer iTrellis will lead user studies, map out quantitative indicators of positive usage, and instrument your existing software with Azure Monitor. Deliverables include activity maps, process documentation, and configuration of Azure Monitor to start instrumenting your application. This offer includes all the essential activities to start measuring usage outcomes of your custom desktop, web, mobile or IoT application.

This service offering expedites the research phase, and completes the necessary software instrumentation tasks to immediately start analysis and tracking. During the first two weeks, iTrellis extracts key process indicators from user studies and translates those into measurable application telemetry. Then in the final two weeks, iTrellis sets up Azure Monitor and instruments your software application for analytics. Ideal for optimizing your application, this turn-key service offering sets your team up to start tracking and analyzing user behavior with modern design and development infrastructure practices.

Week 1

  • Conduct user studies.

Week 2

  • Create map of KPIs from user behaviors and actions with measures and instrumentation methods identified.
  • Establish candidate KPI goals to inform Azure Monitor dashboards.

Week 3

  • Launch instrumentation code based on KPI mapping.

Week 4

  • Set up Azure Monitor and test implementation for accuracy and completeness.

The services provided in this offering will be performed on a time and materials basis. Variables that will determine the final price and duration include the number of user studies and the instrumentation development effort.

iTrellis creates innovative and impactful technology solutions for startups and Fortune 100 companies. We are extending this service offer to help your team deliver.