Azure Synapse Analytics: 8-Week Implementation

Langate Corp

Azure Synapse Analytics is an unlimited analytics service that combines data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics.

It allows you to query data at scale on your own terms, utilizing either serverless or dedicated solutions.

Our 5-step Azure Synapse Analytics Implementation plan allows us to efficiently set up Azure Synapse Analytics for your business.

Our strategy involves:

  1. Establishing a strategic plan for implementing Azure Synapse Analytics
  2. Determining the specific requirements for implementing Azure Synapse Analytics
  3. Designing a technical architecture that meets those requirements
  4. Implementing the technical architecture in a test environment: Set up your project environment and create the necessary infrastructure for running analytics software in the cloud.
  5. Deploying the Azure Synapse Analytics platform in production: Integrate your new analytics platform with existing tools like SharePoint or SAP BusinessObjects so that you can take advantage of all their features without having any downtime or slow down when switching between platforms

Azure Synapse unifies these worlds with a unified experience for ingesting, exploring, preparing, transforming, managing, and serving data for immediate BI and machine learning requirements.

Let Langate help you make the most of Azure Synapse Analytics and the wealth of benefits that it offers.