Product Recommendations in Retail: 1-Week Assessment

MAQ Software

Improve user experience by implementing a product recommendation engine

Retail industry being a highly competitive industry needs constant upgrades based on consumer demands. Preferences of customers are changing very frequently. To attract new customers and retain old customers, you need to provide customers with what they want.
We will assess your current Azure infrastructure and will provide suggestions on various machine learning tools like Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, and Azure Cognitive Services that can be used to train and deploy models. This comprehensive one-week program is designed to help you understand how machine learning can be leveraged to deliver outstanding product recommendations and how it can be implemented into your business.

Target Customers

  • Data scientists
  • Machine learning engineers
  • IT professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Project managers


  • Initial assessment of your current data infrastructure and product recommendation needs specific to the retail industry
  • Selecting recommendation algorithms suitable for the specific retail business
  • Data preprocessing and cleansing options
  • Model training and evaluation approach
  • Identifying potential challenges and opportunities for implementation


  • A detailed assessment report with a summary of the current state and usage potential for machine learning in product recommendations for your business
  • A summary of the recommendation algorithms that are best suited for your business
  • An architecture diagram
  • Proposal to build recommendation engine


  • Improved accuracy and efficiency for product recommendations, increasing your business's competitiveness
  • Reduced time and resources required for product recommendations

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