Secure Work from Home: 2-Days Implementation

Matrix3D Infocom Private Ltd.

Secure Work from Home Solution - Move your Infrastructure to Microsoft Cloud. Run legacy client-server apps at low cost with local printing, USB access, and complete security.

Matrix3D offers to move your complete IT infrastructure to the Azure Cloud using a more practical approach designed to fit small businesses.

Your business has an opportunity to make employees work together independent of work location and yet have the familiarity, discipline present when they work in the office. The solution is a salable, flexible, cost-effective, and secure model. Ensures Business Continuity for your business and secures your critical data.

We will understand your actual Business use before we start.

Our experts will implement the solution in the production environment.

  1. Matrix3D will design the complete solution as per your business requirement.
  2. We will check the feasibility of your applications and check compatibility.
  3. We will help you deploy the complete solution on Azure
  4. You get SOP`s and training documents for user’s adoption.
  5. Our experts will guide on organizing the data in the virtual environment
  6. Our experts will guide on how to move the data to the cloud and make it secure.
  7. We provide ongoing maintenance either on contract or based on incidents to help you run it well.


  1. Simple, reliable, secure, and cost-effective virtual office
  2. Complete infrastructure on Azure Cloud
  3. Work from anywhere and any device
  4. Complete Windows Experience in Prime
  5. Complete control on files and data
  6. Easily scale as per company strength
  7. *Estimation of price is per server.