SAP Cloud Infrastructure Advisory: 1-3 Days Workshop

NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

Microsof Azure provides an unbeatable collection of IT technology services for your SAP IT infrastructure platforms. We help you to understand the chances and challenges of the move to this platform.

Determine your Cloud Model of Choice We help you to select the best cloud operation model for your enterprise while considering your objectives and dependencies of your IT environment. We assess public, private and hybrid cloud and match your SAP IT platform requirements with the potential of Midrosoft Azure.

Define your Optimal SAP Platform Design Public Clouds require some adjustments in your SAP landscape design in order to optimally adapt Public Cloud capabilities and benefits. Examine these adjustments and create the basis for a cost estimation and lay the foundation for your SAP landscape on Microsoft Azure.

Select from a series of workshops that fits best to your current stage of strategic decision making. The workshops are designed to address your need for information and decision in accordance with your current state of your cloud journey. They can be conducted independently from each other or sequentially, depending on your demand.

If you are looking for a different range of topics for your individual workshop, we will be delighted to discuss that with you.

SAP on Microsoft Azure Advice

  • An introduction into the world of Microsoft Azure Public Cloud and the special considerations of running SAP platforms in such an environment.

SAP Cloud Strategy Assessment

  • An Evaluation of the individual IT situation of your company, assessment of multiple cloud strategy options and definition of a target strategy for the operation of your SAP landscape.

Architecture & Operations for SAP on Cloud

  • An analysis of your IT landscape and operation requirements and development of a design and recommendation for a target infrastructure and platform setup.

Transition Roadmap to Microsoft Azure

  • Presentation of options for a technical SAP system transition to Microsoft Azure, decision for a transition approach and definition a high-level transition roadmap.

Public Cloud Platform Optimization for SAP

  • Demonstration of optimization strategies for SAP landscapes at Microsoft Azure in terms of resources and costs and identification of cost potentials for the customer landscape.