Data Platform in 30 Days


Define and validate a reference architecture, data integration framework, landing zone, and reporting layer to create a modern end-to-end data analytics platform using Azure Data Services!

A modern data platform will unify your data sources, streamline, and enhance your reporting and analytics initiatives! Presidio’s DPi30 (Data Platform in 30 Days) will include a design workshop to help your team identify up to three (3) scenarios, design a reference architecture, implement raw and curated landing zones, a data ingestion and transformation framework and a reporting platform to ultimately modernize your data estate using Azure Data Services (ADS) like Azure Synapse and Power BI . Your team will receive a hands-on consulting engagement providing architecture recommendations for your data estate in Azure to deploy the ADS products that best fit your business scenarios.

This offer was developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Solution Assessment team and leverages the technical patterns and best practices validated by Microsoft, for example landing zone templates for Synapse. Presidio solution focuses on automating and accelerating the deployment and configuration of a modern end-to-end analytics platform.

Agenda: • Identification of up to 3 scenario(s) • Analysis and Design Workshop • Integration framework development • Landing Zone development • Report and dashboard development • Training and hand-off

Deliverables: • Executive summary of engagement • Reference architecture diagram • Fully provisioned ADS Landing Zone • Source code in Azure DevOps or Git Hub Repo (if available) • Cost consumption estimates • Recommended next steps

*Price and timeframe are estimates. Microsoft funding has potential to cover the cost