Windows 365: 2-Day Proof of Concept


Evaluate Windows 365 with a proof of concept. We'll guide you on configuration, integrating it into your Azure environment, deployment & management through Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Evolving needs for hybrid work and work on multiple types of devices including personal devices, is increasing demand for secure, scalable, and easy management of Cloud desktop experiences. ProServeIT can help you evaluate Windows 365 with a proof of concept.

We will guide you on configuration of Windows 365, including how to integrate it into your existing Azure and on-premises environments. This process will include initial deployment as well as management through Microsoft Endpoint Manager. We’ll help you understand how Windows 365 can lower your infrastructure cost and complexity while improving your risk profile. A proof of concept will showcase the simplicity of deploying and managing Windows 365 without the need for special IT skills.

Windows 365 is optimized for the best end-user experience. Employees will be able to access content wherever they are. Windows 365 provides predictable, per user, per month pricing like a licensing model.

Learn how Windows 365 can integrate with Microsoft Cloud services such as Microsoft 365 apps, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft InTune, Microsoft Defender, and Azure Active Directory Identity.

Let ProServeIT help you test out the benefits with a limited number of users to verify that Windows 365 is the right solution for your needs. We can help you assess your requirements, understand the pre-requisites, implement access guidelines, deploy Windows 365 for user assignments, and provide documentation and knowledge transfer.

A proof of concept is a smart way to get started. Your price will depend on the complexity and scope of your project.