Cloud Transformation: 3-day assessment (India) P Ltd

Quadra Nubis Cloud transformation assessment based on the Microsoft Azure CAF Framework

Customer expectations and market dynamics are evolving faster than ever. Even as business struggle to cope, traditional IT models and delivery mechanisms have proven to be a bottleneck. This makes the need to adopt cloud a more pertinent need than ever before. And to truly capture the value unlocking that a cloud transformation can bring to a business, it is necessary to embark on this transformation journey in structured and process oriented manner. This is where the Quadra Nubis - Cloud Transformation assessment, aligned with the Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessment Framework (CAF), can deliver the vital edge to your business, by reducing complexity and cost, even while meeting expectations in terms of speed, reliability and flexibility.

With multiple Gold Competencies and Advanced Specializations, Quadra is among the topmost Microsoft partners globally, and is best placed to provide your organization with the insights, experience and skills to embark on a successful cloud transformation journey.

Quadra Nubis Cloud Transformation provides you the right perspective and foundation to embark on a holistic cloud adoption framework. With our free 3-day assessment, we help organizations to assess workloads to check the compatibility, evaluate cost, modernization, and deployment tooling. This process focuses on validating or challenging the assumptions made during earlier discovery and assessments by looking more closely at rationalization options.

The workshop outcomes include: • Assessment of the existing workloads • Compatibility of the existing workloads to migrate to Azure • Best hosting option for the assessed workloads • Cost estimation to run the workloads on Azure