Hadoop Migration: 8-Week Assessment


The Hadoop Migration Assessment is meant to help data engineers and analytics team prepare to migrate their data. This Assessment is composed by a comprehensive discovery and migration plan phases.

For organizations seeking enhanced efficiency and a competitive advantage, a Hadoop migration is crucial. It brings about performance, scalability, security, and reliability improvements to the Hadoop environment, fostering accelerated innovation on a larger scale. Rackspace Technology, with its expertise in data services, plays a pivotal role in mitigating risks and providing a seamless and successful Hadoop migration. Azure HDInsight, Azure Synapse, Azure Databrick

Our team of dedicated experts is fully committed to your success. Through a comprehensive Hadoop Migration Assessment tailored, we thoroughly assess your current environment and offer recommendations for an optimal big data architecture. This ensures a smooth modernization process and maximizes the benefits of cloud scale, openness, performance, and cost savings. The eight-week engagement has two phases; discovery and migration.


  • Interviews: Stakeholder meetings to understand your current and desired future state for analytics.
  • Analysis: A combination of automated and metadata driven data estate analysis across data artefacts, pipelines, business logic and performance analysis.
  • Review: Includes big data compute engine costs, tools and processes, upstream and downstream dependencies, and security inspection.

Migration Plan:

  • Prepare recommendation report for target data platform based on report analysis and requirements for sizing, performance, and scalability.
  • Identify and document upstream and downstream dependencies, transformation and pipeline code update plan, and level of effort for data and code migration.

Post-Workshop Deliverables:

  • Complete analysis of existing Hadoop workloads, complexity, and migration choices
  • A recommended migration plan leveraging services like Azure HDInsight, Azure Synapse and/or Azure Databrick and estimated effort involved
  • Targeted modern data platform architecture recommendations