MLOps Foundations: 5-Week Implementation


5-week model factory implementation to operationalize machine learning across your entire business.

MLOps Foundations on Azure is delivered through a custom engagement where we first determine your infrastructure needs and then tailor your solution to meet your model development, operations and compliance requirements.

Rackspace Model Factory Framework features:​

  • Experiment tracking​
  • Project packaging​
  • Deploy models from anywhere​
  • Tracking UI​
  • Model storage​
  • Support major ML frameworks​ on Azure
  • CI/CD integration​

Engagement Activities

  • WEEK 1: Discovery & Planning
    • Review current state and design environment deployment
    • Outcome – Environment deployment scope and design complete
  • WEEK 2-3: Environment Implementation
    • Design, build, test, and validate environments and integrations with Azure, build ML pipelines and CI/CD integrations
    • Outcome – Dev, QA, and production environments complete
  • WEEK 4: Integration & Onboarding
    • Onboard, integrate, test and validate models into the Azure ML pipelines
    • Outcome – 1-2 working models and pipelines
  • WEEK 5: Knowledge Transfer
    • Provide Azure documentation and training to customer's teams
    • Outcome – Customer's data science teams enabled to onboard new models

Key benefits and business outcomes

  • Automated model deployment across development, Q/A and production environments
  • Reproducibility of models and predictions
  • Platform for collaboration
  • Standardized model development environment for your data science teams
  • Model explainability for governance and regulatory compliance
  • Tools for diagnostics, performance monitoring and addressing model drift
  • Accelerated ROI