Azure Managed Service - Security.

Reliance Infosystems Limited

Make the day-to-day administration of your Security Events & Azure resources our business, so your team can better focus on productivity and profitability.

Our Azure managed services provide full NOC and SOC support, Azure cost and resource optimization, around-the-clock security and performance monitoring, advanced security and compliance services, full cloud migration, development, Security events monitoring and on-demand services.

See the high-level description of our Azure managed service offerings below:

  1. Azure Cost Optimization: Balancing your business goals with budget justification to create a cost-effective workload is important. We’ll work with you on that and continuously monitor your Azure environment to identify and work on any unused, idle, or duplicate resources that can drive up costs.
  2. Managed Security & Compliance: We have a team of cybersecurity analysts and offensive security specialists actively monitoring, hunting threats 24/7, and managing incident responses. They provide proactive around-the-clock monitoring of your Security events (On Azure and 3rd party Platforms) & Azure workloads using Azure Sentinel while leveraging world-class tools to deliver automated and continuous security monitoring and compliance checks.
  3. Managed Azure Operations: We handle all of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing and optimizing your Azure environment to enable you to better focus on your business, products, and services.