Azure Datapath 4-Week Implementation


Azure Datapath is a service provided by Servent to help accelerate and expedite your migration to Azure.

A challenge for many organisations on their cloud journey is how to efficiently migrate large amounts of data to Azure, and how to complete these activities in a secure and streamlined manner.

Azure Datapath was born because of our transformation experiences with our customers. Time and time again we consistently see that data migration to Azure is a challenging task for many organisations.


The tools we use are categorised into three specific areas: data assessment, data migration and data synchronisation. Azure Datapath ensures that all workloads and data are moved in the most efficient manner possible.


  • Automated discovery and inventory of your existing estate
  • Right size of resources in Azure and maximise cost savings through existing licence agreements
  • Friction-free data migration to Azure
  • Dependency visualisation for applications & servers
  • Minimal downtime migrations
  • Only consume the cloud resources required, and eliminate unnecessary spending on cloud resources

With Azure Datapath we can assist you on your journey to a modern enterprise. We will help you overcome some of the typical challenges that frequently see with our customers, such as:

  • Data centre exit
  • Capacity issues on-premises
  • Software/hardware refresh
  • Security threats
  • Application innovation
  • End of software support - e.g. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 & Microsoft SQL Server 2008

By choosing Azure Datapath from Servent we will provide you with a tried and tested framework for efficiently and securely moving your most critical data and workloads to Azure.

The price of this offering is estimated and will vary depending on which Azure Datapath services you choose to consume. As it is an entirely modular offering it is not always necessary to choose every component and as a result the price provided is for estimate only.