Accelerated API development - Speed up your Digital Transformation journey by 50%

SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd

In this consulting engagement, we will help you to define API specifications for your digital transformation application suite and deploy Live APIs with minimal development effort.

  1. Understand your current Digital transformation journey.
  2. Define specifications for your API requirements.
  3. Identify and define infrastructure requirements for your API
  4. Deploy Live APIs in your Azure Tenant, for one of your applications to consume with our unique approach for API development.
  5. Provide Monitoring and Observability for the Live APIs
  6. Enable you integrate with any API Gateway(s) of your choice

We can provide Live APIs (up to 10 APIs) for your specifications with at least 50% reduced effort as compared to traditional development approach.

Note: Maximum of 10 APIs will be considered for this consulting offer.