Data Strategy: 2 Wk. Assessment


Assess your data strategy to evaluate your current data management landscape, in order to successfully align with and support a data strategy for your business goals and move toward modernization.

Our assessment will provide a robust view of your current data strategy, with education on and recommendations for the road to success with Azure for your data and analytics and business goals. Allow our experts to interact with your organization's leaders and subject matter experts to support data-driven decisions for success. Our Data strategy assessment includes a dicussion surrounding Azure readiness and how the cloud's tools and services can support a modern, robust data strategy.

Tallan’s three-phased assessment agenda includes:

Phase 1: Discovery and goals Review of current data estate, data sources, and confidence in data quality Analysis of current strategy to inventory architecture, identification and prioritization of business drivers and discussion of goals for data-driven decision making and strategy.

Phase 2: Involves the assessment of your data estate such as a review of reporting, analytics, data sources like APIs, and other consumption points Acknowledging governance roles Assessing the technical landscape of current data estate and will identify impact analysis for suggested data strategy to move forward

Phase 3: A review of the assessment and recommended next steps, like documented current state and discussed future state Suggested best practices to move forward Next steps to include a high-level reference architecture

Each part of the engagement is documented as a final deliverable. From the discovery and requirements, assessment, suggested architecture, and education on Microsoft Azure's tools and platforms that can support an enhanced data strategy to conversations fostering continued data analytics education and knowledge-share.

Cost is estimated based on actual time, potential travel, and resources required for engagement. Engagement can be customized based on customer wants and needs.