Epic on Azure - Disaster Recovery: 8-Weeks Implementation

Tegria Services Group - Us, Inc.

Let Tegria help your healthcare organization define and execute a cloud migration strategy to migrate your EMR to off-premise, cloud hosting on Azure.

By combining our 25+ years experience hosting EHRs, our deep understanding of the entire Epic platform, and our expertise in Microsoft Azure, we enable our customers to focus on transformative healthcare by ensuring that their core systems are secure, reliable, and flexible.

Your cloud journey to Azure begins with infrastructure and continues into the data fabric layer. Tegria spans this gap with expertise, experience and reliability to enhance security, simplify access, and set smart policies across your different environments with a single-identity platform. From initial assessments and strategy development through migration of your platforms to Azure for simplified and secured access, Tegria's consulting and managed services teams will meet you where you are on your cloud journey!

What We Offer: The public cloud is constantly growing and adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare, and Microsoft and Tegria are at the forefront of this growth. Tegria has helped over 50 Health Care Organizations design their cloud migration strategies and helped many of those execute on this strategy. We use our knowledge and experience to determine the best timeline for migrating systems to Azure, whether it’s focusing on specific Epic environments, related third party systems of a holistic approach for all existing infrastructure. Our implementation and on-going support teams work closely together through the strategy, design, and execution phases, ensuring a continuity of knowledge throughout implementation and beyond. All our staff supporting Epic systems are properly certified for the systems they support.